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United States Patent #'s: 8070403, 8375546, 8556556, 8070403



China Patent # ZL 200880102133.2

Notice of Allowance - Russia

Philippines Patent #. PH/1/2010/500274

Australia Patent #: 2011101044, 2008283850

South Africa Patent #: 2010/03664

Patents Pending: EPO (38 European Countries), China, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Korea, India, Trindad & Tobago, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia

Newly International (PCT) Patent Application filed January 12, 2012


Fixes spring hinges where other kits don't. Made of stainless steel which enables you to re-thread stripped hinges. The person behind the simple but novel idea of SnapItâ„¢ is Nancy Tedeschi, a former real-estate developer with no optical background. Tedeschi started a business selling decorative beads that dangle from the end pieces of frames.



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June 15, 2012 Gulf Coast Business Review  writer, Mark Gordon composes an article titled Snap Success that features inventor of the SnapIt Screw, Nancy Tedeschi, and her journey and lessons learned along the way CLICK TO READ MORE


May 24, 2012 Bloomberg Business Week puts out an advice article featuring product development guidence and support with the inventor of the SnapIt Screw, Nancy Tedeschi CLICK TO READ MORE


May 14, 2012 South African Patent has been issued for the SnapIt Screw. South African Patent #: 2010/03664



 May 10, 2012 Shen Grad Wins Contest to Place Invention on Walmart Website written by Glenn Griffith focuses on inventor of SnapIt Screw, Nancy Tedeschi and her story about the hardships and the process of winning the Walmart Get On The Shelf Contest. CLICK TO READ MORE


May 3, 2012 ATTENTION! We are so happy to announce that we were one of the first place winners in the Walmart Get On The Shelf Contest. Although, we did not receive that Grand Prize we are so thankful and grateful for all of our supporters who have been with us, voting everyday for the last 6 weeks. We now have our product on Take a look! Thank you!! CLICK TO SEE


Jan. 2012 SnapIt Screw is proud to introduce the new industrial sizes offered.  Email us for more pricing and further information




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SnapIt Repair Kits are available the following retailers 

Office Depot      Giant Eagle 

Select True Value Stores        Select Ace Hardware Stores 

Lee Valley Tools   Kerr Drugs  

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