Optical Professionals

The screw can be used by:-

1) Opticians
2) Optical Labs
3) Manufacturers of frames that provide a spare parts kit.

We distribute to the marketplace via a series of distributors but also via direct relationships with various optical chains, labs & frame manufacturers.

Below you can find various videos demonstrating the different uses of the Snapitscrew:-

Snapit can be used as a hinge screw

Snapit can be used as an Eyewire screw to join lenses to the frame

Snapit can be used to re-align a lost spring hinge

Snapit can be used in any frame including Designer Frames

The Snapitscrew is available to optical professionals around the world in a range of formats including vials, plastic bags and in a wheels containing 10 sizes which can be made on a bespoke basis depending on your needs.

Key Benefits of Snapit
Benefits for Optical Professionals

For a list of current distributors please click here
For a list of our current optical chain partners please click here
For a list of our current frame manufacturing partners please click here

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