What is the Snapitscrew?

The Snapitscrew is a screw with a unique, patented extra long feeder tab that temporarily increases the body of the screw so it’s easier to handle. It was originally invented for the eyewear industry offering various advantage including saving time, eliminating any need for clipping and filing and making the fix of a springe loaded hinge much more straighforward; Snapit screws will also self align and self tap. Moreover, the same screw can also be of use in a number of other industries where hand assembly is required and is particularly useful with small or fiddly assemblies.

Below you can find various videos demonstrating the different uses of the Snapitscrew within the Optical Industry:-

Snapit Consumer Eyeglass Repair Kit

Snapit can be used as a hinge screw

Snapit can be used as an Eyewire screw to join lenses to the frame

Snapit can be used to re-align a lost spring hinge

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