Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you lose a screw in your eyeglasses, sunglasses or reading glasses? It's not only frustrating trying to find the screws, but it's almost impossible to screw them back in yourself!

The SnapIt screw is not only easier than your standard eyeglasses screws, it's also a cheaper, easier alternative to taking your eyeglasses to get fixed.

Step 1: Match your screw

snap it screw

Lay screws flat and find the screw that matches your current screw, or if you've lost that - slot in each screw to find the one that fits best


Step 2: Insert the SnapIt screw

fixing glasses arm
Align the arm with the glasses frame and reinsert the Snapit screw into the hole


Step 3: Screw it down

screwing the snapit screw
Screw the Snapit down using the screwdriver provided


Step 4: Snap it off

snap off the end
Snap off the protruding end of the screw using your fingers


Now enjoy your fixed glasses!

happy snapit