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How to use the SnapIt Screw

The SnapIt screw is not only easier than your usual glasses screw, it is also a cheaper, easier alternative to taking your glasses in to get fixed.

We know that you may not always have the time or money to get your glasses screws replaced by a professional, so having the SnapIt screw kit on hand can take away this burden for you. 

Using the SnapIt Screw is easy, here's how to use it:

Step 1: Match your screw

snap it screw
Lay screws flat and find the screw that matches your current screw, or if you've lost that - slot in each screw to find the one that fits best


Step 2: Insert the SnapIt screw

fixing glasses arm

Align the arm with the glasses frame and reinsert the Snapit screw into the hole


Step 3: Screw it down

screwing the snapit screw

Screw the Snapit down using the screwdriver provided


Step 4: Snap it off

snap off the end

Snap off the protruding end of the screw using your fingers


Now enjoy your fixed glasses!

happy snapit