Our Story


When the problem appeared...

SnapitScrew was the result of an innovative solution when inventor Nancy's mom, Peggy witnessed her eyeglasses arm fall off. Most wearers have experienced the inconvenience & frustration that ensues when this happens. There is nothing quite as annoying as broken glasses!

Peggy needed a quick solution to fix her glasses. In an attempt to find the solution, she threaded her dangly earring through her eyeglasses hinge as a makeshift replacement screw and it worked! Peggy received so many flattering comments about the charm on her glasses, she knew she had an instant fashion accessory.

Peggy had created something special and pushed Nancy to design a charm that could be used as a fashion accessory for eyewear.  As Nancy set to work, she realised how difficult and fiddly it is to use a glasses hinge screw, which is when she had an even better idea!

The Surprising Invention

She knew she was onto a winning product and tried to push Nancy to invent a similar charm for eyeglasses. Nancy set to work, however the result of her efforts were somewhat unexpected. During the process Nancy realised how difficult and fiddly and…just, well…difficult it is to use a glasses hinge screw! Each screw took about 25 minutes to insert which is when she had an epiphany…


More Than Just A Screw

Nancy realised that if the screw was longer, with a smooth feeder end, then it could simply drop into place. 
Finally no more fiddling around with tiny screws. The SnapIt Screw was born! The feeder simply drops into the hinge, then screwed down and the smooth feeder effortlessly snaps off thanks to the patented narrow neck. Glasses repair now became simple and easy, all in the comfort of your own home.

Production Begins

SnapIt's first ever production run begins. 


The Launch!

SnapIt was finally launched and ready to be stocked in shelves.


Established SnapIt European HQ

We started trading for the first time outside of the USA