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The Snapit is used by the following optical chains and labs as well as by thousands of independent practices.  It helps provide operational efficiency to processes, helping to lower costs and improve service times.



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So, why use the SnapItScrew? 

The SnapItScrew is a patented, high quality stainless steel screw with a unique, extra long feeder tab that makes handling screws very easy and repairs a pleasure. After the screw is inserted into any hinge or eyewire, the long feeder tab snaps off cleanly with your fingers, leaving a smooth finish.


Key Advantages versus traditional screws used by Eye care Professionals:

- Cuts repair time in half and is much easier to use and handle
- No tools required - no more clipping and filing
- You can use your fingers to break off the end
- You can fix a spring hinge with no extra tools
- Can be fitted from the top or bottom
- It self aligns and self taps
- Includes loctite thread lock
- Can be used as a hinge screw or eyewire screw
    "Any optical professional knows how painful it is to change a screw, with Snapitscrew you drop it, screw it and snap it - it's that simple."  
    - Karl Wilkins (Villa Consulting, former Head of Frame Supply at Specsavers)

    "I use Snapit screws for every repair and even on new eyeglasses.  I could not work without them!" 
    - Drew Washton, NYS Licensed Optician & Owner of See World Optics 


    The SnapItscrew is available to optical professionals around the world in a range of formats including vials, plastic bags and wheels containing 10 sizes which can be made on a bespoke basis depending on your needs.






    Below you can find various videos demonstrating the different uses of the SnapItscrew:

    Snapit can be used as a hinge screw


    Snapit can be used as an eyewire screw


    Snapit can be used to re-align a lost spring hinge


    Snapit can be used in any frame including Designer Frames





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    If your business could benefit from the SnapItScrew, please get in touch via info@snapitscrew.com