Other Uses For Snapit

The Snapitscrew can be used as a replacement for many other products where small, fiddly screws are used. It's not just for repairing glasses frames. Whether it's in the home, at work or in the commercial environments or production lines - everyone benefits from the SnapIt!

What is it?

A stainless steel screw or bolt with patented feeder tab which is snapped off when the screw is in place. 

Where is it used?
- Hand assembly of 2 or more components where the fix goes through all the compartments.
- Small or fiddly assemblies - much success in glasses industries.
- Domestic or commercial.
- Repairs or first-fix
    Key Features and their Benefits:
    - Temporarily increase body of screw so easier to handle.
    - Self aligns so easier to thread.
    - Feeder tab help keeps components aligned before screw is engaged.
    - Especially useful if re-tapping thread.

      The images below shows some of the advantages in the eyewear industry and potential applications in other industries.

      Please get in touch with us via email info@snapitscrew.com, 
      if you feel the Snapit could benefit your industry