We're proud to hold patents across the world


When purchasing either the SnapIt Consumer Repair Kit or the SnapIt for Optical Professionals we want you want to feel confident that you’re buying the genuine article. Counterfeit products can’t emulate our innovative screw, so we want to ensure that you aren’t disappointed by an imitation screw masquerading as a SnapItscrew.

We are the proud owners of 15 patents and several trademarks across the world. Our SnapIt is also widely protected by design registrations and we vigorously protect our rights wherever they are infringed. We are constantly monitoring known counterfeiters and have a strong team of both internal and external brand protection and legal advisors.

Please also bear in mind the following when purchasing products which claim to be the real deal:

  • Any item priced well below our RRP should be treated with suspicion
  • There will be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on our packaging
  • Our products are only available directly from ourselves or via approved distributors or re-sellers.
  • If you would like to query a counterfeit product please contact us HERE.

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Canada Patent #: 2695751
China Patent #: 2L2008 80102133.2
Philippines Patent #: 1/2010/500274, 1-2010- 500385
Australia Patent #: 2008283850, 2011101044
Russia Patent #: 2493446
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EPO Patent #: EP08782656
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